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    Be coached to develop the team

    • Improve your ability to communicate and collaborate

    • Reach your goals - faster and more efficiently

    • Get specific and targeted results out of your team development

    • Move focus from the individual to the team as a relationship system

    • Reduce conflicts

    • Product development

     "Helle Egholm helped us to see that the organization has its own life and it's own needs. This helped making difficult conversations less personal and it's a great relief. It gave courage to draw up action plans for our goals as a business."
    The auditing company STEPTO A/S was coached by the method ORSC (Organization Relationship Systems Coaching).

    Be coached to personal development

    • See the opportunities in your challenges

    • Learn to maintain your focus so you can be better at reaching your goals

    • Find your inner peace

    • Get greater self-esteem and self-confidence

    • Create more balance and satisfaction in your life

    "Helle Egholm, have through coaching helped me to find my core values ​​in life and shown me a way to live in accordance with them in everything I'm doing. Today, if I have some thoughts, problems, annoyances or weaknesses that I want to have under control, I use the tools and techniques from my coaching and it helps me. "Camilla Terp Nielsen, Aarhus, Denmark

    Be coached to become more visible as a leader

    • Become aware of which leader behaviours that work and which that do not

    • Get a general picture of how your leadership must be in the future

    •    Create the optimal environment for yourself so that you can develop your staff
    •    Learn to strengthen your company's brand

    Be coached to develop your relationship as partners

    • Develop your leadership

    • Be better at dealing with conflict situations

    • Get some tools to unleash your potentials in anticipating future changes

    • Learn to develop your communication skills
    “Helle has been an excellent, systematic and reliable coach for me and my partner to work with the last months, during our process of starting up a business together. She is a very competent and helpful coach, who notice what is trying to come up/ happen under the surface. I recommend Helle for teams and partners who needs to structure their working habits and stay focused on what is needed to reach your goal." Rune Ahlman, Sence Your Essence Ltd., Spain
    Call +45 3027 3400 for more information about how coaching can help you. I offer coaching via personal meetings, phone or skype.


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